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Bulletproof Vest Partnership

Bulletproof Vest Partnership™ (BVP)

BVP Enrollment - Secure Your Funds Today!

The Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) program provides up to 50 percent matching funds for agencies looking to purchase body armor for their officers. Established in 1998 by the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act, BVP is part of the U.S. Department of Justice initiative to provide critical resources to state and local law enforcement. Enroll today!

Securing BVP funds is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Register your agency by going to On the left navigation bar, click on “Getting Started”.
  2. Complete an online application detailing the total number, type and projected costs for the vests you are applying for.
  3. Wait for approval of your funds. The BVP makes funding decisions immediately after the open enrollment period. Applicants are notified by email regarding their fund awards.

How do I purchase vests after funds have been awarded?

Simple. Once your funds have been awarded, simply purchase the style and threat level vest you desire. Then, complete an online receiving report and request for payment located at for reimbursement.

How do I know what vest qualifies for BVP funding?

2010 award funds must be used for the purchase of any body armor vests that are NIJ Standard-0101.06 compliant. A list of eligible armor models is below. You can view the full list of compliant armor at

Armor Models Eligible for Funding

NIJ Standard-0101.06 Compliant

Model Name Style Threat Type NIJ Model Number

ABA® Xtreme Series

FC01 Neutral II BA-2000S-FC01
FC01 Neutral IIIA BA-3A00S-FC01
HP01 Neutral II BA-2000S-HP01
XT01 Neutral II BA-2000S-XT01
BR01 Neutral IIA BA-2A00S-BR01
BR01 Neutral II BA-2000S-BR01
BR01 Neutral IIIA BA-3A00S-BR01

Second Chance® Summit™ Series

SM01 Neutral II BA-2000S-SM01
SM01 Neutral IIIA BA-3A00S-SM01
MN01 Neutral IIA BA-2A00S-MN01

Second Chance® Prism® Series

MT21 Neutral II/Spike 2 MS-2020S-MT21
MT01 Neutral IIIA/Spike 3 MS-3A30S-MT01
PS 1.0 Neutral Spike 1 PS 1.0
PS 2.2 Neutral Spike 2 PS 2.2
PS 3.0 Neutral Spike 3 PS 3.0

SAVVY® Comfort™ Series

SV02 Female IIIA BA-3A00S-SV02

PROTECH® Tactical

BR01 Side Opening IIIA BA-3A00S-BR01
Z-BR01 Front Opening IIIA BA-3A00Z-BR01
SM01 Side Opening IIIA BA-3A00S-SM01


Who is eligible for funding under BVP?

According to the Office of Justice Programs, any law enforcement agency or recognized unit of general government, as defined by the statute, is eligible to apply for BVP funding.

When can agencies apply for funding under BVP?

The 2010 application period for funding under the Bulletproof Vest Partnership program is April 20, 2010 through June 1, 2010.

Will the 2010 BVP enrollment period be limited to vests approved under the NIJ Standard- 0101.06 only?

Only vests approved under the most recent NIJ Standard-0101.06 will be allotted for 2010 BVP funding. No vests approved under the previous NIJ Standard-0101.04 or 2005 Interim Requirements will be allotted for 2010 funding. A list of vests available for purchase using BVP funding is available on the NIJ-06 Compliant Product List (CPL) at

Will vests certified under the previous NIJ Standard-0101.04/2005 Interim Requirements be allowed for purchase under the 2010 BVP enrollment?

No. Vests tested under the previous NIJ-Standard 0101.04 or 2005 Interim Requirements will not be allowed for purchase using 2010 BVP award funding.

Will BVP offer any additional funding for agencies experiencing hardship?

Yes and No. While BVP will not provide agencies experiencing hardship additional funding, the 2010 program will include a provision for waiver of all or some portion of the 50% matching funds requirements. Since federal funding for BVP has already been allocated, the practical effect of a complete waiver of the matching funds requirement may be that agencies will be able to use the grants they received to buy half the number of vests they originally applied for. We’ve been told by the BVP that on April 1st they will be issuing the guidelines and forms for agencies experiencing hardships to request a matching funds waiver. We will provide you with an update on this, together with a copy of the forms, once they are issued by the BVP.

Can agencies use Justice Assistance Grants (“JAG”) to pay for their portion of matching funds for BVP?

The Bureau of Justice Assistance manages both the BVP program and the Justice Assistance Grants program. According to BJA, agencies may use JAG money for their portion of BVP awards. For additional information, visit

Can agencies use previously awarded funds to purchase vests certified under the NIJ Standard-0101.04 or 2005 Interim Requirements?

Yes. Previously awarded funds (2007-2009) can be used to purchase vests certified under NIJ Standard-0101.04 or 2005 Interim Requirements. These vests may be purchased up until the 2010 enrollment period (April 1, 2010). After the 2010 enrollment period, vests certified under any previous standard may only be purchased to fulfill an existing contract.

Can BVP funding be used for tactical armor?

Yes. BVP funding can be used for soft, tactical body armor, if the armor is considered the officer’s primary vest.

Can BVP funding be used for other safety equipment including hard armor plates and shields, duty gear, etc…?

No. BVP funding is limited to soft body armor only.

How long does it take for BVP to award funding after the enrollment period closes?

According to the Office of Justice programs, 2010 funds will be available approximately 3-4 months after the application date deadline. Applicants will be notified via email when the award is made and the funds become available.

After the funding is awarded, how long will an agency be able to purchase a vest before the awarded funds expire?

Agencies have up to two (2) years to utilize funding awarded under the BVP program.

How can I find out more about the Bulletproof Vest Partnership program?

For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs at