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Because wearing a vest is only the first step

Though many people don't realize it, improper fit, excessive wear and lack of care may compromise a vest – that's why The Safariland Group developed VestCheck™ for its body armor brands. VestCheck is a comprehensive program that ensures the quality and wear of a vest. Prior to VestCheck, testing and certification standards didn't address the dramatic effects excessive wear and improper care may have on the ballistic performance of modern body armor. Because of this, there was nothing available to educate about proper armor fit, cleaning and maintaining body armor in the field, and checking it for excessive wear.

Fit of Your Body Armor

  • Body armor should be properly fitted to your body
  • Our SizeRight™ Technician Training and Certification Program ensures that body armor is fit correctly the first time, every time
  • Maximum coverage with minimal obstruction of movement
  • Replace your vest anytime your armor begins to feel overly snug or wide gaps develop in its side coverage

Care of Your Body Armor

  • Make sure both front and back ballistic panels are facing in the proper direction
  • Inspect your ballistic panels for signs of excessive wear
  • Make sure your carrier is kept in good shape
  • Carriers should be replaced every year
  • Handwash your carrier in cold water with mild detergent or machine wash on gentle cycle. All straps should be engaged during laundering. Lay carrier flat to dry - do not place it in a clothes dryer. Wipe ballistic panels with a damp sponge or cloth, with cool water and mild detergent. Wipe them dry - never dry panels in sunlight
  • Body armor should be stored flat in a cool, dry place
  • Do not fold body armor or hang it by its straps
  • Do not keep it in the trunk of a car - especially on hot days

Testing of Your Body Armor

  • VestCheck continually tests and reports the ballistic performance of various vest models, from the time of their introduction through their full warranty period
  • We routinely evaluate body armor that has been worn by officers in the field
  • Evaluation is performed at several intervals over each model's expected service life

Evaluations Include:

  • Physical inspection and ballistic testing of every vest collected
  • In-depth interviews with field officers
  • Review of vest wear levels, storage methods and officer maintenance habits

VestCheck is all about ensuring your body armor is ready for action. Wear it. Take care of it.