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  Tom Campbell

Tom has been a member of Team Safariland since 1985 and has worked with Safariland for over 21 years. Prior to that, Tom was part of the Research and Development team at Smith and Wesson and he has worked in the law enforcement industry for 43 years. Tom believes in having a strong basic foundation for shooting and sticking to your guns, quite literally. He teaches his shooters to adopt the proper ideals before attempting to perfect their marksmanship- stance, grip, sight picture, trigger control and follow through. Tom is one of the master minds behind the highly innovative Safariland products; he has always worked very closely with the Research and Development team.

  • 2001: USPSA Limited 10 National Champion
  • 1977-1989: Member, USPSA Shooting Team
  • 1985: European Champion
  • 1986: USPSA Team Captain

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