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CSI Vest

CSI Apparel

Our high-quality CSI apparel line leverages Safariland's expertise in duty gear development by matching a variety of versatile CSI vests and pouches with protective gloves, knee pads, hats, and a gear bag.

CSI Vests and Pouches

The centerpiece of our apparel line is the CSI Vest that supports a wide variety of pouches and accessories in the most convenient and comfortable manner. The vest comes in two styles and a variety of colors: a full body version with a closed back, and a lighter weight version with an open back for tropical climates. Both styles can incorporate the eight different pouches offered by Forensics Source in any configuration desired to securely organize all CSI essentials.


We offer CSIs a variety of gloves that provide tremendous dexterity, puncture resistance or bio-hazard protection for those situations when nitrile or latex gloves are just not sufficient. These high-quality gloves manufactured by Hatch are built for comfort and tested for the highest levels of protection from a variety of hazards typically encountered at crime scenes. All gloves are black and are offered in a variety of sizes to fit every need.


Crime scene professionals spend a great deal of time on their knees retrieving, examining and processing evidence. We offer two types of premium quality knee pads in soft neoprene and hard shells to provide an exceptional level of comfort and protection to the wearer in even the most challenging environments.

CSI Hat and Duty Bag

By popular demand, we now offer a CSI hat designed to provide technicians with the protection and identification they need at crime scenes. This black, low profile hat is embroidered with “CRIME SCENE” on the front and back in large white letters for easy on-site recognition. Made from cotton, this cool-wearing hat will withstand multiple washings. Our versatile duty bag is constructed from heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon contains multiple dividers and pockets to help you organize your extra gear.

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