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January 15, 2013
Scientific-Based Tests to Identify Bath Salt Use in the Field Unveiled by Forensics Source™

Forensics Source™ announced that it has launched a new line of field drug test kits to address the proliferation and criminalization of “bath salts” as controlled substances. These bath salts tests come packaged in a single-use, three-stick test kit configuration that ensures officers have all necessary tests on hand at all times. This cost effective solution is now available in both NIK® and ODV™ brand variants to complement our other colorimetric drug test kit lines.

January 15, 2013
Introducing Convenient, Cost-Effective Latent Print Powder Refills by Forensics Source™

Forensics Source™ announced that it has released innovative Latent Print Powder Paks from Lightning Powder® that are the most cost-effective refills available on the market. These 2 oz. pre-measured refills simplify decanting into standard powder jars. The durable pouch is easy to store and transport while its moisture-proof seal ensures the powder stays dry and clean, ready for immediate use in the field or in the lab.

January 15, 2013
Newly-Designed Patrol Pak Dispenser Products Offered by Forensics Source™

Forensics Source™ introduces a new way to quickly and easily provide forensic supplies and first responder products to officers and technicians. The Patrol Pak line includes a special selection of high-use patrol and forensic prod­ucts including nitrile gloves, evidence markers, disposable restraints and evidence storage bags. All products are dispensed in handy cardboard boxes designed to fit into a glove box or gear bag for easy access in the field. It is the perfect choice for patrol officers, correctional units, investigators and se­curity forces.

January 15, 2013
Safariland®/Kona® White Patrol Bike Introduced for Its Increased Visibility for Public Safety Agencies

Safariland® announced today that it has released the Safariland®/Kona® Patrol Bike (29er) in white. The Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike is built from the ground up as the premium patrol bike for law enforcement and security markets and utilizes some of the most technologically advanced components in the industry. The new white color with its bright high-gloss finish provides increased visibility for those in public safety and industrial markets.

January 15, 2013
Test Proves Increased Fingertip Protection on ArmorTip® Glove by HATCH®

HATCH® announces today the introduction of the Model PPG2 ArmorTip® Puncture Protective Glove, an improved cut-resistant protective glove with a Spectra® cut-resistant liner and Kevlar® material in the fingertips. These puncture-resistant and ergonomically friendly gloves protect the wearer from potentially deadly needle sticks and cuts while keeping the much needed flexibility for maximum performance.

January 15, 2013
Half-Finger Bike Patrol Gloves Allowing Greater Weapon Control in Humid Areas Introduced by HATCH®

HATCH® announced today the introduction of the Model SUBH100 Half-Finger Special Unit Bike Glove, designed specifically for bike patrol officers looking for greater dexterity of motion in the fingers while on patrol. Engineered with advanced materials to provide a glove that is both durable and comfortable for all-day bike patrol, this Special Unit Bike Glove features closed-cell foam in the palm area to help reduce fatigue and stress on the hand.

January 15, 2013
Break Free® Introduces New Applicator for Its Lubricant Preservative (LP)

Break Free® introduces the Model LP-PS, Precision Shooter® the popular Lubricant Preservative (LP) with a new needle-style applicator that delivers 7.5 ml of oil for targeted application on semi-automatic firearms in areas that can be difficult to access.

January 14, 2013
Second Chance® Introduces One of The Thinnest & Most Flexible Vests

Second Chance® announced today that it has released its new family of armor solutions – The Summit™ ST. The Summit ST design was developed to offer an all DuPont™ Kevlar® ballistic package. DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers have pioneered the industry in the science of ballistic protection for more than 40 years. By uniting Kevlar® with GORE-TEX® fabrics, Second Chance has created one of the thinnest, most flexible vests available.

December 12, 2012
Safariland Introduces the 22 Wallet Profile Concealment Holster

ONTARIO, California – Safariland, LLC announced today the release of the new Safariland® Model 22 Wallet Profile Holster. With an extra-thin construction and square backing on the holster, the Model 22 provides the impression that a wallet is being carried in the pocket rather than a holster. Additionally, its sewn hinge-design allows the backing to swing away from the holster so that it will not interfere with securing a firing grip on the handgun when drawing.

November 16, 2012
Bianchi Introduces The Professional™ Tuckable Concealment Holster

Safariland LLC announced today that it has released the Bianchi® Model 100T Professional Tuckable inside-the-waistband holster. Developed as the next evolution to the popular 100 Professional model, this holster adds a new twist: it features a unique C-clip that wraps around the belt for minimal visibility and enables it to be worn with a tucked-in shirt.

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