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Safariland Armorwear® Launches RFTech™ Body Armor Framing and Construction

February 06, 2008
Ontario, CA

Safariland Armorwear, part of the BAE Systems Products Group, introduces the next generation of its patented, advanced resistance framing technology — RFTech.

For more than 25 years, Safariland Armorwear has produced some of the most technologically advanced bullet-resistant products for law enforcement, defense and government communities. Employing advanced ballistic architecture and materials, and utilizing ballistic laboratories with strict climate controls, slow-motion cameras, radar and enormous ballistic threat libraries, Safariland Armorwear designs and manufactures one the most highly-developed and innovative armor products for unique and high-threat situations.

“The Safariland Armorwear research and development team is changing the way law enforcement and defense personnel view advanced protection, fit and everyday usability of ballistic vests with this new technology,” said Pennington Way, senior brand manager, Safariland Armorwear. “Our relationships with domestic and foreign police departments, government agencies and defense organizations have supplied us with a wealth of ballistic, firearm and operational data that we’ve used to test this new technology. This allows us to better match threats with protection and technology.”

Featuring new woven aramids, laminates and robust sewing threads which keep the ballistic material true throughout the edges, RFTech delivers low trauma measurements and high V50 performance while maintaining a thin, lightweight construction.

Using exclusive body armor materials and highly developed internal vest testing programs, Safariland Armorwear improved its original Exo™ framing concepts by using shaped, composite frames that vary in thickness depending on their location in a vest. When struck, these frames dissipate and spread impact energy.

To optimize the protective characteristics of RFTech, the Safariland Armorwear research and development team analyzed projectile deformation, multiple impacts, round twisting and impact location. Additionally, by testing against more aggressive and sophisticated threats, including exotic special rounds, Safariland Armorwear has combined existing and new technology to create a more protective, sophisticated design.

In a special-threat ballistic resistance test, which utilized a wide range of ballistics, including exotic threats and was conducted by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), RFTech ballistic panels met the NIJ interim standards for Level IIIA packages.

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