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Safariland Expands Line of PROTECH IMPAC Special Threat Plates

August 19, 2011
Jacksonville, Fla.

Safariland, a BAE Systems line of business, announced today the introduction of the new PROTECH® IMPAC™-CT/DT to its line of PROTECH IMPAC special threat plates. These plates provide law enforcement officers the option to upgrade protection against both corrections and duty threats.


The PROTECH IMPAC-CT/DT will replace the IMPAC-CT as the plate has been redesigned to continue providing stab protection against spike and edged bladed instruments in addition to protecting the officer against a variety of duty rounds. The IMPAC-CT/DT is comprised of a high performing fiberglass composite which makes this plate an economical choice for any officer.


The IMPAC-CT/DT has been tested* at an independent NIJ accredited laboratory in accordance with Safariland’s testing protocol against the threats listed below:


Ballistic Rounds

Impacts Per Plate

Test Velocity (fps)

(Rounds tested on separate plates)

American Eagle 9mm, 115gr. FMJ


1217 fps +/- 30

.40 S&W Ranger, 165gr. SXT


1062 fps +/- 30

Federal .45 ACP, 230gr. HST +P


920 fps +/- 30


Spike/Edge Weapons

# of Drops

Strike/Overstrike Energy (ft.lbf)

(Weapons tested on separate plates)



E1: 31.7 ± 0.44/ E2: 47.9 ± 0.59

Knife Blade, P1 Edge Blade


E1: 31.7 ± 0.44/ E2: 47.9 ± 0.59

Knife Blade, S1 Edge Blade


E1: 31.7 ± 0.44/ E2: 47.9 ± 0.59


* The IMPAC-CT/DT has not been tested or certified in accordance with NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements, NIJ Standard-0101.06 or NIJ Standard-0115.00. The IMPAC-CT/DUTY plate should always be used in conjunction with an NIJ certified flexible armor vest.


All IMPAC style-plates are offered in four different sizes including a 5” x 7” for shorter torso lengths, a standard sized 5” x 8”, a 7” x 9” for expanded torso protection and a 10” x 12” shooter’s cut.


“The IMPAC-CT/DT plate provides an economical option for corrections and duty threat protection for correctional officers,” said Dan McNeil, Director, Category Management for Safariland’s Tactical Armor. “The weapons used within the corrections environment are just as real as those on the street.”



The PROTECH line of IMPAC special threat plates is now available in five styles:

  • IMPAC-HT for high velocity handgun threat protection 
  • IMPAC-CT/DT for spike and edged blade and duty threat protection
  • IMPAC-MT for high velocity handgun, spike and edged blade threat protection 
  • IMPAC-RT for rifle threat protection
  • IMPAC-RT PLUS for enhanced rifle threat protection


For more information on the PROTECH IMPAC plates or carrier offerings visit


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