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Team Safariland Contingency Bonus Program Launched

January 16, 2012
Jacksonville, Fla.

Safariland®, a BAE Systems business, announces the new Team Safariland Contingency Bonus Program for 2012. With a total possible purse of $15,000, this new Contingency Bonus Program is open to all competitors.


Focusing on the most prestigious national events, prizes are paid to participants who win in the categories listed below. To be eligible, participants must wear a complete Safariland or Bianchi® rig, including holster, mag pouches and belt system. They must also display the Safariland logo on their uniform throughout the event. Please see for details as well as for products, which can be ordered from for prompt delivery.


“When I started the shooting team concept back in 1986, my fellow teammates included Doug Koenig, Rob Leatham, Michael Voigt, Brian Enos, Jerry Barnhart, Bill and Christie Rogers, Bill Wilson and Michael Plaxco,” said Scott Carnahan, Vice President, Equipment Category, and Team Safariland member and manager. “Safariland continues sponsorship of the shooting sports by extending this exciting new bonus program to all shooters who meet the program requirements. I am really looking forward to the 2012 season and bringing new shooters into the mix.”



Overall                                 Women


USPSA Multi Gun Nationals, April 11-15 Las Vegas, NV

·         Open                            $1,000.00                   $500.00

·         Tactical Scope              $1,000.00                   $500.00

NRA Bianchi Cup, May 23-26 Columbia, MO (primary gun)

·         Open                          $1,000.00                    $500.00

·         Metallic                      $1,000.00                     N/A

·         Production                  $1,000.00                     N/A

·         Shoot Off (open)          $   150.00                    $100.00


PPC Nationals, September 16-20, Albuquerque, NM                                                    

·         High Aggregate            $500.00                       $250.00 


IDPA Nationals, September 19-22, Oxford, NC

·         Fastest Overall Score    $500.00                       $250.00


USPSA Handgun Nationals, October 13-21, Las Vegas, NV

·         Open                            $500.00                       $250.00

·         Limited                         $500.00                       $250.00

·         Production                    $500.00                       $250.00

·         L-10                             $500.00                        $250.00

·         Single Stack                 $500.00                       $250.00         


SCSA Steel Challenge, November 1-4, Frostproof, FL

·         Open                           $1,000.00                    $500.00

·         Iron Sight                     $1,000.00                    $500.00

(Any division)    


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