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Safariland® Introduces New SLS Paddle Holster with Automatic Locking System

January 01, 2006
Ontario, CA

The Model 6368 is an entirely new paddle-style concealment holster that features Safariland’s Automatic Locking System (ALS™). In addition, the 6368 employs the unique SLS rotating hood design for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection. Further, it features the Safariland Hood Guard already installed.

The 6368 utilizes the SLS as the primary security system, yet also includes an internal locking device that retains the weapons in all directions when the primary device is open. Once the weapon is holstered, it “locks” into place, providing an extra measure of security. Next, the holster is completely operable with the thumb, making it very instinctive to use. And finally, once the retention devices are released, the weapon can be drawn straight out of the holster with no twisting or other motion required.

The Model 6368 is a paddle design and features a semi-hi-ride position and a slightly forward weapon cant. It rides close to the body aiding in concealment and weapon retention. This holster also features suede lining to help protect the gun’s sights and finish and its SAFARI-LAMINATE™ structure with wraparound design provides the strongest design combination available. This design is also available without SLS as the Model 6358. Offered for popular semiauto weapons in STX Tactical or Plain Black with an MSRP of $130.00 and $145.00, respectively.

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