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Armed Intruder Course
Immediate Response to an Armed Intruder for Educators and School Administrators

Armed Intruder incidents in schools are escalating at an alarming rate. Innocent victims are falling prey to armed intruders with one mission in mind - committing mass casualties. Historically these events create victims in the first few seconds before the police have time to respond. The objective of this course is to train School Administrators, Teachers and staff with initial actions they can take to make a difference and potentially save lives in the crucial 3 to 4 minutes before police can arrive.

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Course Description

  • Course Duration: 1 Day Basic, (8 hours)

Course Overview

The course is designed to maximize the initial efforts of educators and staff to afford the best chance of survival and to minimize casualties’ specific to their facilities.

This curriculum focuses on active shooter profiles, equipment/techniques, and the police response. Students will review:

  • Site Security Assessment
  • Past incidents, lessons learned, and indicators to recognize potentially dangerous situations
  • Emergency procedures, decision making under pressure and escape drills
  • Ad-hoc barricading, improvised weapons, and cover / concealment techniques
  • Rescue tactics and self aid / buddy aid

Course Benefits

  • Strategies to create an effective immediate response plan
  • Become skilled in techniques that can minimize casualties
  • Learn how to make critical decision in crisis situations

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