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Female Officer Survival Course
Become proficient in defensive and survival tactics designed for women

Designed by female law enforcement officers for female law enforcement officers, the goal of this course is to impart the skills and knowledge required to survive a fight for your life. Students will develop improved firearms accuracy, mental preparation and confidence through this challenging training education concept.

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Course Overview

The program provides an opportunity to train under a comfortable learning environment at the range, in the gym, as well as in the classroom. The course will provide each student a personalized assessment of their particular skill sets and identify any areas that students may need to focus on to continue the development of new skill sets. It is designed to give female officers the skills to engage lethal threatening situations with confidence.

Subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhance shooters' basic firearms techniques
  • Develop advanced gun-fighting skills
  • Employ Defensive Tactics specific to the female office
  • Improve tactical decision making skills
  • Utilize practical application through Scenario Based Training (SBT)

Our Instructors

Dorcia Meador
Chief Instructor

Dorcia is a 31 year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department and is considered by many to be one of the best female shooters in the country. She is a 4-time women’s NRA champion with honors. She also holds 5 national records for police pistol combat competitions, 5 in the 1500 PPC revolver and 4 national records in Police Pistol Combat semi-auto.

Dorcia is joined by two other Instructors with impressive resumes to make this course fast paced and exciting.

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