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Tactical Breaching
Take Control with Real World Breaching Techniques

This two-day course provides operators with the necessary tools and tactics to deploy onto an objective and make forced entry through the means of a manual ram and/or pry bar, shotgun breaching rounds, and flash-bang breaching.

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Course Overview

The purpose behind the course is to expand the knowledge base behind Manual and Ballistic breaching. Our hope is to get away from the age old practice of picking the biggest operator on the team, handing him a ram and hoping that brute force alone will successfully create an entry point.

The breach is one, if not the most, important aspect of an operational plan. One of our goals is to stress the importance of proper and accurate breach analysis and planning. If the breach fails, there is no operation.

We will discuss some different techniques for the generation of power when using breaching tools. The proper technique will speed up entries and build confidence in your breachers. It will reduce injuries to your breachers and extend their longevity on the team. The course will teach you body positioning, aiming points, the various types of breaching techniques, team movement and placement

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