Breaching As You've Never Done it Before

September 27, 2012 at 14:36
Posted in Less Lethal

Gaining entry to a structure is one of the most stressful aspects of a tactical team’s movement.  The bunching of people and equipment near the point of entry, the variance of how much time and effort it will take to get through the obstacle, all make for a good deal of uncertainty.  As many teams do, my former team at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept uses everything from mechanical to explosive devices to gain entry. I have stood in every point of the stick in hundreds of entries and understand how difficult it can be to get the job done smoothly and efficiently. The equipment really hasn’t changed much over the years and short of using a charge, it pretty much takes pry bars and a whole lot of muscle to get it done… until the WallBanger.


The WallBanger is a device unlike any you’ve ever seen. it uses a systematic approach of interchangeable attachments to resolve the challenges of getting inside of a structure.  The unique design channels the focused energy from a 15-gram Distraction Device® fuze to push a locked door open.  The command-ignited fuze can be exchanged for an 8 or 4-gram fuze or doubled to accommodate multiple types of doors. This level of versatility allows gives the breacher confidence in the outcome. 


But, what’s really impressive is the reliability of the system.  Using a thermo fuze, the command initiation system gives you positive control over activation the instant you want it, regardless of the distance or weather.  Attached to interchangeable poles, the breaching head can be extended further away from the point of entry to resolve potential obstacles or threats. The system will even extend to a second floor window for a safe “Break, Rake and Bang” option and the break and rake attachments will hold two devices for rapid deployments. A separate spike attachment will penetrate a barrier and inject OC via a small hose system.   In those high risk cases where you must react quickly to what’s happening inside a room, the WallBanger can even produce a “fighting portal” through a wall.  Most importantly, this is all achieved safely because of the deployment of a Distraction Device® unit never leaves your control. It can’t fall under a sofa or roll beyond your intended deployment spot.  The device deploys when and where you want it to, with the blast effects directed as you intend it.  That’s 175 dB of powerful sound and 6 million candelas of blinding light at your command. 


The WallBanger can be purchased as a complete kit or in mission-ready sections.  Eight (8) hours of training are required for certification of use which our Safariland Training Group would provide.. If you are considering using a Distraction Device® model during your mission, you should also consider the WallBanger.  For more information, you may contact your local account manager or customer care at 800-347-1200.

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