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2 Ideas We Couldn't Bring To The Forensics Market, And 1 We Now Can

January 14, 2009 at 18:45

We constantly get product ideas and requests from our customers. Most times, the ideas are great. Unfortunately, many of ideas never make it to the market because they aren't feasible from a business standpoint. For example, a while back one of our customers suggested using copper tape as a disposable grounding plate for an electrostatic dustmark lifter. Everybody loved it...until they saw the price. We face this problem daily. The Forensics industry is a relatively small, niche market, so it's difficult to bring every great idea to life.

For years, one of the most frequent product requests we've received was for a line of photography vests, knee pads and gear bags. Unfortunately, the minimum order requirements and costs associated prevented us from bringing the products to you at the cost and level of quality you expect from us. All that has changed. With the fusion of our brands under the Safariland name, we gained access to product engineers from other areas of our law enforcement business. So, better late than never, we're pleased to launch our new line of CSI gear:

Forensics CSI Vest

CSI Vest - Our favorite. You can have it in a full body version with a closed back, or a lighter weight version with open back (for those of you lucky enough to work in tropical climates). The best thing here is you get 10 different pouches in any configuration you can design. As you get new equipment, you can re-arrange the pouches. We're also throwing in crime scene tags.

Forensics CSI GlovesGloves - Not quite as exciting as our vests, but great nonetheless. We're introducing a line of gloves with the best puncture resistance and bio-hazard protection you can get. And they look great too.

Forensics CSI Knee PadsKnee pads - Everyone under 30 years old in our office wondered why we added this product. Everyone over 30 bought some for themselves. There are two types of pads to choose from: soft neoprene for more comfort or hard shells for more protection.

These were designed by the same teams that develop our tactical gear, so each product is extremely durable. They're available now at or from your local Safariland distributor or retailer. We think you'll be really pleased with these products. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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