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Would You Trust a Trainer with a 22-page Resume?

January 14, 2009 at 18:34

Large Law Enforcement Trainer Resume Just when I’ve thought I’ve seen it all, there's always another fast talker that comes along with the latest, greatest ideas and sells the officers a bill of goods.  I’ve actually seen someone offer up a 22-page resume.  Yes, 22 pages.  I think first you have to be very wary of anyone who feels the need to have a resume that big.  In this case, a very astute City Attorney decided to do some checking and found out that 95% of the resume was fabricated.

I’ve even seen so-called “experts” say they have “over 20 years of experience in military and law enforcement training” only to find out that they did serve in the military (with their primary duty in logistics) and their "law enforcement experience" consisted of attending a police academy, but dropping out before graduation.  So while this person was in the military, and technically was involved in law enforcement, and maybe has been around for 20 years, the statement of experience is in reality false. Their class isn't going to benefit anyone.

There are some trainers out in the LEO world with outstanding credentials. They actually have the experience and knowledge that will help LEO’s come home safely.  Unfortunately, there are the few that hurt the reputation of all experts.  Before agreeing to attend any LEO training, ask these questions:

  1. Is the company this instructor  represents a reputable one?  What is their background?  How long  have they done training?    

  2. Ask for the resume or CV of the instructor.  Most instructors are very honest with what they report.  If they, or the company they represent refuses to provide one, steer clear.    

  3. Are there any references offered?  It has been said that LEO’s gossip worse than any stereotype you can think of.  Ask for references and check them.  Talk with former students and see what they have to say.

Again, most of the LEO instructors out there are good ones, but beware of those few snake-oil salesmen out there.

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