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Concealed Carry Potty Training: Safeguarding Your Gun on Bathroom Breaks

January 20, 2009 at 08:04
Concealed Carry Weapons Potty TrainingIt doesn't matter if you’re in law in enforcement or a civilian you need to be aware of three laws if you carry a concealed weapon on your hip. 

  • The Law of Nature. At some time you will find yourself in a toilet stall. 
  • The Law of Gravity. The moment you unbuckle your belt the weapon will head towards your feet.
  • Murphy's Law. The weapon will end up in the worst place possible.
At minimum, a weapon complicates things in your normal toilet routine.  Without the proper precautions things can get quite eventful. Imagine the embarrassment of having to ask the person in the stall next to you to return your weapon. Or imagine the risk of an accidental discharge or even diving to fetch your weapon. Trust me…if that happens fetching your weapon is just a part of the problem.

Most of these problems can be avoided with the proper equipment and training. 

First you need a holster that will retain the weapon when the holster is inverted. Holsters with only friction retention can serve the purpose if properly adjusted and the weapon well seated. But even then there is the risk of the grip getting snagged on the toilet paper dispenser or anything else for that matter. If you're like me, and you don't trust friction and luck, you should consider a holster with positive retention such as a thumb break or one of the modern holsters with a mechanical retention devices. I recommend the Safariland Model 6378 ALS Holster or the Model 82 CarryLok Holster.

Once you have a reliable holster there’s a little trick that helps keep the belt and holster in place. Simply take the end of your belt on the holster side and double it back through the first loop. With most belts this will keep the belt from pulling back through the belt loops. Try this first with an unloaded weapon to make sure this works with your particular weapon, holster and wardrobe combination.

Once you have done all of these things Murphy’s Law is always ready to seize an opportunity but at least you have done what you can to make your bio stop as successful as possible. After all, an uneventful trip to the bathroom is always a good thing... right?

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