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Boats and Armor

July 16, 2009 at 11:08

Boat Armor In years past, the words, "boat" and "armor" were rarely used in the same sentence. Since 9/11 this has changed dramatically. With the threat of waterborne terrorist attacks ever so existent, ballistic protection is rapidly becoming a part of every day security requirements.

From vehicle (marine craft) -borne IED’s to small arms weaponry, military, law enforcement and security personnel are becoming more frequently engaged in hostile environments here in the homeland as well as abroad.

Also growing is the constant growing threat of piracy. In 2008 alone, pirates attacked over 100 ships, hijacking some 49 of them, resulting in paid ransoms in the tens of millions of dollars, as well as human casualties.

When considering protection for small marine craft or large vessels it is important to weigh in on the broad spectrum of ballistic and blast threats existent in today’s marine environment; and to ensure safe passage in a dangerous world.

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