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Custom is What we Do: No Job too Big or Small

June 4, 2012 at 17:13

PROTECH® Armor Systems specializes in custom projects for all types of security applications requiring ballistic and blast resistance.  Most commonly purchased Ballistic Resistant Enclosure® (BRE®) units are typically 8’ x 8’ or 8’ x 10’ structures for perimeter and checkpoint security. PROTECH was recently tasked with designing and delivering a 17’X19’ custom, pre-fabricated building to be used as a secure access facility for one of our nation’s nuclear power stations.  This 17’ x 19’ unit was more than twice the size of typical blast-resistant enclosures that are manufactured in the facility and our engineering team was challenged to come up with a solution not only for design and manufacturing, but also for installation and delivery to the end user.

 Traditionally, our BRE units are delivered to the customer fully assembled and ready to occupy, however, due to the size and weight of the requested unit, it was necessary for the structure to be manufactured in two halves and delivered separately to the customer. It was then easily assembled on site by site personnel. The assembly process included a simple bolt-together connection while offering complete protection from the elements via a multi-stage gasketing system.

 The client received their custom designed BRE featuring a high level of ballistic protection, a fully functional electric and HVAC system, multiple gunports and other security features.  Even in a two-part system, the BRE featured PROTECH’s seamless ARMOR-LOK™ ballistic resistance, providing protection to all areas of the structure.  

A world leader in hard-armor technologies, PROTECH® designs and manufactures custom armor solutions for virtually all types of applications. Using only the most advanced materials, engineering and the latest technology in ballistic development, we provide our clients with the greatest balance of cost and performance in all the products we manufacture.

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