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Is Your Accuracy Degrading?

July 9, 2009 at 08:24

firearms accuracyIf the accuracy of a frequently used firearm is degrading, there is a possibility that it is a fouled bore. The barrel of any modern firearm takes an amazing amount of punishment. High power cartridges expel white hot gases under incredibly high pressure, eroding the throat, fusing carbon onto the rifling, while bullets are physically swaged down the barrel, depositing copper into the lands and grooves.

Sound bad? It’s not. It’s all part of the plan. Routine cleaning and maintenance keep this from becoming a problem. But sometimes the maintenance gets put off.

If cleaning the barrel gets put off a while, it might end up with excessive carbon and copper fouling. At this point accuracy will usually start to suffer. Typical solvents won’t get this out of the barrel. Fortunately there’s a better way through chemistry. In this instance, there are a couple of chemicals that can solve the problem.

You need a foaming bore cleaner that expands as it's applied and clings to the bore to gently dissolve copper and brass fouling. This makes removal easy. A bore paste works through a mechanical action to cut through copper, moly and hardened powder fouling. Neither harms the metal of the bore.

Both products will leave the inside of the barrel stripped of any protective oil, so follow the procedure with a patch coated with a synthetic oil to clean, lubricate and protect the metal.

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