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Why Training is Even More Important in a Down Economy

January 19, 2010 at 12:52
Law Enforcement TrainingThe economic crisis is taking a toll on just about every aspect of American business. As well, many of our state and local Agencies are undergoing budget cuts for 2010 that may force them to cut officers at a time when some cities are experiencing crime rates that are higher than ever. So, the question is, how can we be better or at least “as efficient” with a reduction in force?
By training the people you’ve got to be even BETTER. If agencies began to look at training as a way to build their employee brand as opposed to being an expense, they can get ahead of the criminals and the technology while the economy improves, and in the end, come out better than ever.

There’s a reason why more millionaires are created during down economic periods than during times of prosperity: Wise investors snap-up great deals. Similarly, while most businesses cut back on what they consider “unnecessary or “additional” expenses, such as marketing or training, wise business leaders capture significant market share by snapping-up the recession-adjusted advertising rates their competitors are passing on, enabling them to win over new customers.
The same comparison can be applied to an agency’s human assets: its officers. How your talent “stacks up” within your agency can mean the difference between life or death in some cases. Are you actively leveraging this economic opportunity to upgrade and solidify your roster of current talent?
Why not? Currently many training companies are offering great specials for training that should be investigated and utilized while the deals are hot! More importantly though, make sure you investigate the quality of training your people will receive. Does the company offer training by former or current law enforcement officers with real world experience? Are they in classes that can significantly improve their current skills and make a difference on the street or in the courtroom? Will they be working with products that officers actually use in their everyday experiences? Do they employ proven tactics that will enhance the performance of your team? Check out all the aspects of a training company’s program before making your decision.
Another  point that I also think many Agencies miss is that while they are trying to save money by cutting back on training, it only takes one good lawsuit due to a “failure to train,” “deliberate indifference” or an ”improper or ineffective reaction” by an Officer that could result in an unfavorable  judgment that would cost a lot more money than sending a few officers to a training class.. So the old saying comes to mind, “pay now, or pay later.”

No one performs at their peak under duress. Giving your officers the additional training and skills they need to be more effective in their jobs, especially with reduced forces, and personnel can make a difference in a wide range of situations. You can still get the best training available and maybe even catch a deal…

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