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Hostage Rescue
Tactical Resolutions for Positive Outcomes

SWAT Teams are trained to resolve and defuse dangerous situations with a minimum amount of force however in a Hostage Situation they must be prepared to force entry into a stronghold objective and engage in lethal combat if a tactical intervention is necessary to save lives.

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Course Overview

This course emphasizes the need for preparation, equipment, speed, precision, and execution of carefully honed skills to succeed and survive. This course prepares students to overcome tactical disadvantages and utilize proven techniques in order to save lives. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Encountering multiple obstacles, breaching, distractions, dynamic movements
  • Encountering varying light conditions, and engaging adversaries; threat assessments
  • Dealing with unknowns and making split second adjustments; primary and secondary plans
  • Close quarter combat, weapons manipulation, speed and accuracy
  • Team movement/Tactical communications
  • Mental Preparedness, combat mindset
  • Entry Points, link points, and the Fundamentals of CQB

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