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This 40 hour, 4 day course is designed for Law Enforcement, Correctional, or Military personnel with the responsibility of conducting live fire training exercises in a shoot-house environment. It provides a comprehensive curriculum in the development and implementation of live fire instructional programs for all levels of training from cadets to SWAT Teams.

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Course Overview

This program is intense in nature but provides an opportunity to train in a comfortable learning environment on the range, in shoot-house live fire scenarios, as well as in the classroom. The course will provide each student a personalized assessment of their particular skill sets and a comprehensive shoot-house instructional program that they can utilize in many levels of instruction, from slow searching of building (i.e. Patrol Officers, Detectives) to dynamic entries for Narcotic and SWAT Teams. It includes:

  • Safety Protocols and necessary safety equipment required
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Departmental Policies
  • Minimum Performance Standards, Assessments, and Qualification courses
  • Weapons manipulations and skill sets from fundamental to advanced firearms techniques
  • Progressive instructional techniques and the critique/evaluation process
  • Scenario-based training development, role playing, distractions, movement techniques
  • Target selection, target placement, instructional props
  • Ballistic capabilities, weapons and ammunition issues, environmental concerns
  • Documentation protocols, lesson plan development, and emergency procedures
  • Shoot house development, design and purchasing considerations

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