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Model 135 Suppression™ Inside Waistband (IWB) Holster
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Model 135 Suppression™ Inside Waistband (IWB) Holster

The Bianchi Allusion™ Model 135 Suppression™ is a dedicated Inside the Waistband holster formed with premium high grade full grain leather, wrapped and laminated around a thermal-molded synthetic core. This liner promotes a quick draw and effortless reholstering while also housing a trigger-guard detent for enhanced weapon retention. Matched with this holster is a body facing wrap-around formed with full-grain leather and outwardly lined with foam and anti-microbial mesh, making for comfortable longtime wear and odor-killing ability. This holster attaches to the belt with tuckable dual C-Clips, taking as little real estate as possible on the belt.

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  • Premium full grain leather exterior with a laminate synthetic liner for a smooth draw and long lasting wear
  • Dual tuckable C-Clip design for attachment to the belt provides strong belt retention on the holster while also minimizing its visibility
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial foam padding on inside liner of leather backing to prevent germs and odor from accumulating
  • Padded liner provides added comfort not normally found on bare leather designs
  • Slight detent in trigger guard for enhanced weapon retention
  • Fits up to 1.5” (38mm) belt widths

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