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Patrol II Single or Dual Comm Headset System
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Patrol II Single or Dual Comm Headset System

The Patrol II™ Single or Dual Comm Headset is a lightweight, single-sided tactical headset that is designed for Close Quarter Battle (CQB), prolonged tactical missions or military patrol activities. Widely used by Special Forces, tactical teams and NATO for many years, the headset’s durability is without question.


The Patrol II is lightweight and offers either single or dual audio communications, and has a low-profile vented Earcup allowing air circulation and ambient sound to enter. In addition, the vented Earcup enables peripheral hearing or Talk-Through audio from electronic hearing protection.


The Patrol II Single or Dual Comm Headset is also completely functional as a tactical headset without electronic hearing protection. Three adjustable suspension straps allow for a comfortable fit and stability during vigorous activities.  


  • Single-sided headset system for single or dual-sided headset for dual audio communications
  • Electret/dynamic/waterproof dynamic mic
  • Adjustable headset suspension system
  • Flexible microphone boom
  • Comes with TCI Tactical PTT and storage bag
  • U-94 switch box and Alpha PTT option
  • Available for all radio models
  • Available in Black or OD Green

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