Holster Security Mechanisms

Safariland® holster models offer a variety of security devices that provide firearm retention, stability and security.

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For years Safariland has set the standard of how firearms are retained within a holster.  Each mechanism has been subjected to specific tests that are reflective of the type of force expected of an adversary trying to release the firearm from the holster.  The most popular security mechanisms are outlined below. To learn more about retention and security, visit Holster University →


ALS® Holsters are Duty Rated Level I Retention holsters, featuring an intuitive thumb release lever that locks into the ejection port and is released by the thumb when drawing.


SLS™ holsters are Duty Rated Level II Retention holsters featuring a rotating hood device that is pushed down and rotated forward to move to enable release when drawing.


ALS®/SLS™ holsters are Duty Rated Level III Retention holsters featuring the intuitive thumb release lever of the ALS®, and the rotating hood assembly of the SLS™ for ultimate security.


The GLS (Grip Locking System) is a unique retention device in which the middle finger is used to release the firearm during the draw. GLS holster models offer a low profile and compact design, perfect for concealability.