Prism® MT Panel
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Prism® MT Panel

Offers an unprecedented degree of protection against correctional threats. Combines several of the most advanced woven aramid corrections materials available for protection against circular penetrators and multi-threat protection for both stab and ballistic threats.

Available in the following threat levels:

NS02 – Level II / Spike 2

MT01 – Level IIIA / Spike 3

MT21 – Level IIA / Spike 3


ModelNIJ ModelThreat TypeAreal DensityThinnessV50(9mm)V50(.357 Mag)
Prism MT MS-2A30S-MT21 IIA / Spike 3 0.980.25915211476
Prism MT NS02-2020S-MEII / Spike 2 0.960.2516391614
Prism MT MS-3A30S-MT01 IIIA / Spike 1.440.4118101695