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Performance is the driving force in every element of Safariland® armor. Safariland has built a reputation for innovation, and is credited for bringing to market the first commercially available personal soft body armor for law enforcement in the 1970’s. With the acquisition of recognized legacy brands Second Chance®, ABA® and PROTECH® Tactical, Safariland grew its product lines, and built on its history of delivering unparalleled armor solutions for customers worldwide. Today, with products engineered with state of the art materials and fabrics, and designed with field experience in every detail, Safariland believes the integration of ballistic performance and human performance is how success is defined.  With the combination of world class technologies from brands like Hardwire® and FirstSpear®, we deliver armor products to our customers that are the ultimate in performance.


Jared Reston Safariland SAVES® Club Member #1700




The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB® honors those who, during the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening incident in which their Safariland Group armor or gear contributed to saving their lives. These heroes become advocates for the law enforcement community, expressing the importance of wearing body armor, providing safety tips derived from their own experience and serving as living proof of the Safariland Group creed: Together, We Save Lives.

Meet our SAVES CLUB members and hear their stories:

Inside the Ballistics Lab

When an officer is on duty, there is no room for doubt about whether their bullet-resistant vest is going to protect them. They need to have confidence that their armor will perform as expected. They need to know that after every shift, they get to go home to their families. when it comes to body armor, our ability to provide confidence begins inside the ballistics lab at our Ontario, California headquarters.


Police officer with Safariland® duty gear

concealable body armor

SWAT team member wearing Safariland® Tactical Body Armor

tactical body armor

SWAT Officers with Safariland® Hard Armor Shield


PROTECH Tactical® Helmet with Safariland®/TCI™ Liberator headset


Safariland® tactical armor and gear

tactical pouches