U-94 (M9177) Tactical PTT for VIC3 Vehicular Intercom Systems
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$364.00 — $488.00
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U-94 (M9177) Tactical PTT for VIC3 Vehicular Intercom Systems

VIC-3 U-94 Series Headset Controller allows an operator to conveniently connect to a VIC-3 extension cable (AP-107 connector) and take advantage of our three-function controller. Our controller is based upon the design of the U-94 PTT with a large, robust toggle switch. The U-94 VIC-3 controller PTT allows an operator to specify "Hot Mic" mode for full-duplex communications through VIC-3, or "Mic Mute" mode. An operator can also transmit on a VIC-3 integrated radio by keying the toggle switch.


Accepts Headset Connection Type: Nexus TP-120, U-93, U-174

VIC FFCS Connection Type: AJ-107 Extension Cables (used with Bose, Racal VIC/VIS headsets). Requires extension cable with AJ-107 connection.