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The RGR-UBL is a low-ride belt loop with the QLS 22 Receiver Plate and single elastic strap attached. It will not pinch or add pressure to hip bone and locks onto the belt with a slot design. The QLS 22 Receiver Plate is designed to attach to the QLS 19 Locking Fork and allows to rearrange gear quickly and easily without the use of tools. The elastic leg strap includes two silicon strips for non-slip traction. Available in 2” (50 mm) belt widths, in Black or FDE Brown.


  • Will not pinch or add pressure to hip bone (support ridge removed from the belt shank)
  • Locks onto the belt with slot design, no belt tension screws needed; will not damage top of belt
  • Includes QLS 22 Receiver Plate, attaches to the QLS 19 Locking Fork
  • A quick pinch of the thumb and index finger allows the removal of any product attached to the unit
  • Permits the user to quickly rotate or adjust which accessories are carried, depending on the mission at hand
  • Includes single elastic strap to with two silicone strips for non-slip traction
  • Available in 2” (50mm)