Laser Protective Film Kit
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Laser Protective Film Kit

Due to increasing demand for eye protection against laser pointers directly in the eyes of law enforcement, Safariland® has designed a kit that can be added directly to face shields to bolster eye protection.

With the laser protection strip applied, officers will have eye protection against laser threats while still being able to view through the clear portion of the face shield. Officers with the ability to maintain 100% visibility in low-light situations, while being equipped with the laser protective eye strip, will be suited for situations at all times of the day.

Made of a PVC material with static properties that adheres directly to the shield, the Laser Protective Film Kit is also removable and disinfectant-friendly for repeated use.

Common nuisance lasers are capable of causing permanent cornea damage and disorientation when directed into ones’ eyes. The laser protective film is designed to absorb these damaging beams and help keep law enforcement officers on the line and alert – even while being targeted in dangerous situations.

While there is no laser lens that can protect against all colors of laser hazards, the laser film mitigates what can be used against our law enforcement.


  • Compatible with all Safariland ballistic and non-ballistic face shields
  • Made from reusable PVC material
  • High Optical Density (OD 4+ @ 200-532 nm wavelengths)
  • Protects from damage causing green and blue lasers
  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT 30%)
  • Washable with mild soap and water

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