LIBERATOR® III ITJCS - TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset with Integrated Digital Hearing Protection
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LIBERATOR® III ITJCS - TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset with Integrated Digital Hearing Protection

This kit available in military connectors only. Additional options available upon request.


Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset Designed for military operations associated with TACP, JTAC, Combat Control, CCT, PJ and C A S missions: This purpose-built system is more modular and expandable than any other dual-comm system.


This product is an optimal communication system for operators who conduct operations with two radios simultaneously. It enables one headset to monitor and transmits on two radios with a streamlined cable configuration and a single Press-to-Talk enclosure with one button for each radio.

*Image showing the Delta X high-cut in foliage green with NVG shroud, rails with bungies, TCI Liberator™ II communications system, and Team Wendy® CAM Fit™ and EPIC Air™.


The Liberator III® Integrated TACP/JTAC Communications Suite (ITJCS) is a modular and highly-flexible “Multi-Comm” communication package allowing deployment of multiple radios. The ITJCS also enables an operator to rapidly transition between additional radios using the convenient interface transition feature. Liberator III™ ITJCS was engineered by TCI with direct input from members of the U.S. Air Force TACP, JTAC, Special Forces and Special Operations communities.


The system was designed and engineered exclusively by Tactical Command Industries, Inc. based upon current and emerging capability requirements associated with software defined digital radios and modern force multiplication practices. Liberator III™ ITJCS provides optimal situational awareness for the operator by digitally replicating environmental sound, including the position, amplitude and heading of the source of the sound with Digital Situational Awareness Enhancement (D.S.A.E.) technology. This provides a unique means of threat detection and acoustical identification that is simply not possible with analog systems. Liberator III™ ITJCS includes battle-proven and industry-leading TCI Liberator III digital electronic hearing protection supporting true “Multi-Comm” capabilities.


Liberator III ITJCS Dual-Communication System Overview:

  • With Revision 6 (REV6) Digital Sound Processing Technology, the latest generation in digital sound processing
  • Modular; multiple radio and intercom interfaces available
  • Various boom microphone configurations, including submersible versions
  • Cobra microphone capable
  • AN-VIS/NVG compatible integrated Mic Lite included with most ITJCS and Basic models 
  • Over the Head and Behind the Head suspension options
  • Available with Black and OD Green Earcups
  • Left or Right Boom Microphone options
  • RF Shielded and filtered
  • Built-in active hearing protection
  • 600 hour battery life from two standard AAA batteries (included).
  • Single battery compartment with battery cap retaining lanyard
  • Certain versions adaptable for AVON FM53 gas mask and military freefall oxygen masks
  • Includes TCI dual communications Push-to-Talk (PTT), accessory cables, and storage bag
  • Dual communications PTT and accessories adaptable to other TCI headset models
  • Supports various radio combinations, interfaces and capabilities (contact TCI for details)
  • Custom configurations on request - Contact your TCI representative.

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