LIBERATOR® V Advanced Dual Comm Headset with Hearing Protection and PTT System
$1,567.00 — $2,792.00
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$1,567.00 — $2,792.00
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LIBERATOR® V Advanced Dual Comm Headset with Hearing Protection and PTT System

The Liberator® V is the standard for advanced communications. This dual communications headset flawlessly integrates advanced communication capabilities with top-tier hearing protection. The Liberator® V headset marks a significant technological advancement beyond its predecessors, earning the trust of elite forces. Proudly designed and meticulously crafted in the USA, it serves as a shining testament to American craftsmanship. With its advanced protection features, it guarantees unmatched safety in high-risk environments while enhancing situational awareness. The Liberator® V is not just a headset; it's a mission-configurable powerhouse, capable of adapting to your unique needs. With a proven history of exceptional performance, it remains the exclusive headset design that empowers users to effortlessly modify audio profiles with a few simple keystrokes directly on the device. When excellence, trustworthiness, and peak performance are essential, the Liberator® V emerges as the unmatched choice.

TCI DIFFERENCE: The Liberator V is a secure, dual-channel communication headset system utilizing the newly designed multi-mode, slim earcup. This system gives military and law enforcement end-users the confidence to utilize communications networks using mixed encryption in any tactical environment. 

*It is recommended to remove the batteries when storing the headset or when the headset is not in use.

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  • First of its kind Multi-Profile Tactical Headset: Active Noise Reduction (ANR), Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and Dual Mode with ANR/ANC simultaneously
  • Backward compatibility with TCI dual communications systems
  • Industry-leading sound localization for maximum situational awareness and threat detection
  • R.4 dual communications Push-to-Talk available - compatible with R.A.C.E
  • Proprietary, high-definition speakers and speaker enclosures
  • Advanced RF and TDMA PCB protection technology
  • Boom microphone featuring advanced RF and Acoustics Interference Shielding
  • Adaptive headset suspension
    • Modular  - User changeable with no tools between over-the-head, behind-the-head, or helmet rail mounted (additional suspension options sold separately) – Usable with any helmet
    • Metal Fittings – Maximum durability with unique metal earcup connection
  • Proprietary, slim earcup design layered with sound barrier technology



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