SOF-MOD Liberator® II Tactical Soldier System Headset (with TCI Tactical PTT)
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$953.00 — $1,293.00
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SOF-MOD Liberator® II Tactical Soldier System Headset (with TCI Tactical PTT)

Liberator® II Headset  This headset is a sound-attenuating, situational awareness enhancing system terminated with a Nexus U-174 Plug.  It is wired to NATO standards to enable it to be connected directly with low-impedance aviation ICS, NATO standard Push-to-Talk, or TCI SOF-MOD Push-to-Talk.

*Image showing the Delta X high-cut in foliage green with NVG shroud, rails with bungies, TCI Liberator II communications system, and Team Wendy® CAM Fit™ and EPIC Air™.


TCI SOF-MOD Dual-Audio Press-to-Talk with Impedance Matching This Press-to-Talk assembly enable simultaneous interoperability with MBITR and other Legacy PRC radios in conjunction with low-impedance aviation ICS using the male plug.  Audio impedance matching and mixing enables radio and ICS audio to be monitored simultaneously in the headset.  Live audio from the headset is sent to the ICS connector to enable PTT functionality to occur using an existing ICS PTT.  Radio PTT function is established by keying the center of the Press-to-Talk.

Features Include:

  • Integrated Tactical Communications and Digital Hearing Protection.
  • Low-Profile Earcups for proper fit with common ballistic helmets, including MICH, ACH, FAST helmets.
  • Designed for MBITR, Maritime MBITR, PRC-152 and other Legacy PRC radios that will be used in conjunction with low-impedance MIL aviation ICS only.
  • Battery-life: 600 hours using (2) AAA batteries.
  • Includes upgraded battery compartment and Lanyard for Battery Cap.
  • Five volume control settings with memory.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Low battery warning tone forty hours prior to battery depletion - System remains completely functional for communication regardless of the status of the batteries.
  • Multi-speaker system separates communication audio from ambient sound enabling both to coexist in the headset, without compromising either, even under the most demanding circumstances.
  • Earcup Colors: OD Green or Black.
  • Suspension: BTH - Behind the Head or OTH - Over the Head.


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