TABC III Tactical Bone Conduction Headset
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$320.00 — $1,336.00
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TABC III Tactical Bone Conduction Headset

The TABC III is a state-of-the-art, binaural bone conduction headset designed for military and law enforcement when using gas masks and respirators, and operating in loud environments where transit audio can be compromised. The TABC III is a lightweight, well-vented, yet robust headset that is adjustable and worn around the back of the head.


The Binaural Dynamic Audio Resonance System "DARS" is our proprietary sound reproduction system that provides pristine audio fidelity directly to the cochlea through the mandible (jaw) bone. Due to the nature of this technology, audio bypasses the eardrum and is perceived by the auditory nerve. The TABC III also allows the user to maintain complete peripheral hearing and situational awareness.


The TCI Tactical Push-to-Talk (PTT) enables central control of your radios and can be configured for your specific radio model.


Other radio models supported, please contact customer service.

Prop 65


  • PALS/MOLLE compatible with adjustable heavy-duty clothing clip
  • Fits under ballistic helmets or other non-ballistic rigid or soft head gear
  • Compatible with military or law enforcement/first responder radio systems
  • Noise cancelling boom microphone
  • Optional Remote Finger Press-to-Talk comes with an adjustable Velcro® hook and loop strap
  • PTT can be attached with Velcro® hook and loop supplied with system

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