4333 - Low Profile Battle Belt, 2" (50mm)
$175.00 — $181.00
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$175.00 — $181.00
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4333 - Low Profile Battle Belt, 2" (50mm)

Provides non-slip stability necessary for reducing back strain and general discomfort frequently caused by loose-fitting, drooping and weighted-down belts. Weight is distributed evenly on the hip. Two rows of MOLLE webbing to attach accessories. The AustriAlpin Cobra® buckle is rated for forces up to 9kN (straight) or 18kN (looped). Available in black and tan.


•Reinforced to securely hold handgun and accessories

•Non-slip inner lining

•Two rows of MOLLE webbing for multiple attachments

•AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, Load rated for forces up to 9 kN (straight), or 18kN (looped)

•Will not release when under load, extra large ears allow easy to release when not under load