Ballistic Collar Protector
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Ballistic Collar Protector

Scale-up your Safariland® tactical carrier:

The Ballistic collar is an optional accessory with the ability to provide additional ballistic coverage of the neck portion of the upper torso. Comprised of durable Cordura®, the Ballistic Collar is attached to the carrier via high-profile hook and loop profile, to the internal portion of the shoulder area. The Ballistic Shoulder accessories are necessary for use with the Ballistic Collar. Compatible with SX, Matrix, and Hardwire ballistics to complete the ballistic overage that’s just right for you.


  • Compatible with most Safariland® tactical models including the Shift 360™ Plate Rack Carrier – Velcro® Closure, Single-Point Quick Release and FirstSpear® Tubes™ Closure.
  • Requires the Ballistic Shoulders accessory
  • Made of durable Cordura®
  • Compatible with SX, Matrix, and Hardwire ballistics.