Liberator II Headset Only
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$796.00 — $908.00
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Liberator II Headset Only

TCI’s Liberator® II tactical headsets with boom microphone provides an exceptional convergence of communications and hearing protection and was originally designed to military durability standards.   Liberator II™ headsets offer low-profile ear-cups for compatibility with various tactical helmets, state of the art digital sound processing for optimal reproduction of environmental sounds and leading radio frequency (RF) shielding. Patented Digital Threat Compression Technology (DTCT) safely reduces hazardous ambient sounds while simultaneously providing the user with continuous situational awareness.  See features below for more information.

*Image showing the Delta X high-cut in foliage green with NVG shroud, rails with bungies, TCI Liberator II communications system, and Team Wendy® CAM Fit™ and EPIC Air™. Please note, this is the headset only. It does not include a PTT.


These progressive attributes, as well as an array of others, enable the Liberator II™ tactical headset to be worn comfortably under MICH, ACH, PASGT, Ops-Core, and other ballistic helmets and provide the performance that supports operator safety and mission completion. The robust design includes an industry-leading, dual-layer waterproofing process for phenomenal protection of electronic components and vastly increases the lifespan of the equipment. 


The electronic hearing protection system offers the most advanced technology available... While less progressive systems “clip” or “cut-off” ambient sounds, the Liberator II ™ also features Digital Threat Compression Technology (D.T.C.T) which reduces specific harmful sounds, while allowing the user to hear safe, low-level sounds while protection is engaged.


Liberator II™ tactical headsets provide exceptional communications, electronic hearing protection and TCI’s Digital Situational Awareness Enhancement (D.S.A.E.) during demanding situations. The ability to maintain peripheral hearing and amplify potential danger signs and audio cues from the environment are vital for any tactical mission. Equally important is the threat localization system that the headset provides. Our D.S.A.E. technology provides 360 degrees ambient sound reproduction and unbelievable situational awareness. This technology is the most accurate method of environmental sound replication, threat identification and closely replicates natural hearing.


Specifically, dual external microphones continually process ambient sounds and instantaneously provide NNR 21 (up to 29 dB) of hearing protection to protect the user from exposure to harmful static-state and impulse sounds and a battery life of 600 hours using two conventional AAA batteries.


  • TCI Hearing Protection with Digital Threat Compression Technology
  • State of the Art REV-6 Digital Sound Processing and Situational Awareness
  • Noise-Canceling Electret Boom Microphone
  • Black Or OD Green Ear Cups
  • BTH Behind-the-Head or Standard OTH Over-The- Head Suspension
  • Left or Right Side Microphone Mount
  • Rugged MIL-SPEC Electret Boom Microphone
  • Single Headset Cable w/ NATO Wiring
  • Terminated with Nexus TP-120 Connnector (NATO STD)
  • Requires Additional Press-to-Talk for Radio Applications
  • Includes TCI Headset Transport Bag
  • Contact TCI to confirm compatibility with your existing Press-to-Talk 

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