Apex Carrier
Introducing APEX®, a groundbreaking concealable body armor vest system that redefines the standards of protection and comfort for those who dedicate their lives to safeguarding others.

The future of concealable armor

Inspired by the evolution of sports performance and designed to meet the dynamic demands of law enforcement, APEX is not just a carrier – it’s a paradigm shift in personal safety.

apex covert carrier

seamless articulation

At the core of APEX lies a groundbreaking 4-piece carrier design that seamlessly integrates two side panels with front and rear counterparts. This unique configuration ensures unparalleled articulation, allowing the armor to move fluidly with the body, providing coverage during every twist and turn of duty.

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apex covert carrier

continuous protection

What sets APEX apart is the innovative “floating” front and back panels, creating a stored overlap relationship with the side panels. This design provides continuous protection, adapting effortlessly to your body’s natural motions. APEX eliminates the compromise between agility and performance, delivering both seamlessly.

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apex covert carrier

cutting edge comfort

Say goodbye to the cumbersome Velcro and elastic of the past. APEX embraces cutting-edge compression fabric zones and a front zip for confident donning and doffing. These zones not only enhance flexibility but also distribute the weight of ballistic panels around your body’s core, reducing fatigue and providing a more natural way to carry the load.

Apex Covert Carrier

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The development of APEX is rooted in recognizing the parallel between advanced athletic performance and the daily dynamics of law enforcement officers. It’s more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to the commitment to officer safety and well-being. Unlike conventional designs, APEX challenges the status quo, eliminating restrictions on movement and introducing a new era in concealable body armor.