Duty Rig Selection Guide

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Safariland® Leather Look Duty Rig


This is Safariland’s original and most extensive accessory line. Renowned for its traditional leather-look and exceptional performance through years of use, this accessory line is the most recognized by law enforcement professionals as the one to carry. These high-quality accessories are molded to exact shape for a lasting secure fit and feature a hardshell interior with a soft leather-look exterior.

WEIGHT: 1.95 lbs (for shown)
MSRP: $278.00 (for shown)
ACCESSORIES: 70 Available. View all →
FINISHES: Basket (shown), Plain, Hi-Gloss, Nylon-Look

Safariland® STX Duty Rig


Safariland introduced the STX line as its most durable – as well as an alternative option to the leather-look. Rugged and unyielding to the elements, these accessories are constructed of a hard-shell abrasion-resistant material that won’t absorb sweat or water, dries quickly and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

WEIGHT: 1.90 lbs (for shown)
MSRP: $263.75 (for shown)
ACCESSORIES: 33 Available. View all →
FINISHES: STX Tactical (shown), STX Basket, STX Hi-Gloss, STX Nylon-Look

Bianchi® AccuMold® Elite™ Duty Rig


Adding a Duraskin outer layer to Bianchi’s AccuMold construction gives this rig and accessories its traditional leather-look so coveted by law enforcement professionals. Molded with the Bianchi’s trilaminate materials consisting of ballistic weave outer material, closed-cell foam center, and Coptex™ soft lining, these pieces have a lightweight feel but capitalizes on durability. Definitely the elite of leather-look rigs.

WEIGHT: 1.75 lbs (for shown)
MSRP: $262.25 (for shown)
ACCESSORIES: 26 Available. View all →
FINISHES: Basket (shown), Hi-Gloss, Plain

Bianchi® PatrolTek™ Leather Duty Rig


The PatrolTek Leather line from Bianchi combines the dependability and quality associated with Bianchi Gunleather® with the exceptional value of the PatrolTek name. These accessories provide a new option to those looking for superior, high quality leather duty gear at an affordable price. With 15 models of accessories from magazine pouches to baton holders to choose from, this new line has all the crucial options and belts for any equipment rig set up.

WEIGHT: 1.50 lbs (for shown)
MSRP: $220.00 (for shown)
ACCESSORIES: 15 Available. View all →
FINISHES: Basket (shown), Plain

Bianchi® AccuMold® Duty Rig


Each piece in Bianchi’s premium AccuMold line precisely fits the gear it is designed to carry. Heat and pressure molded from Bianchi’s trilaminate materials consisting of ballistic weave outer material, closed-cell foam center, and Coptex™ soft lining, this extensive line of accessories provide exceptional durability for the gear you use, carry and rely on every day.

WEIGHT: 1.60 lbs (for shown)
MSRP: $194.50 (for shown)
ACCESSORIES: 30 Available. View all →
FINISHES: Nylon (shown)

Bianchi® PatrolTek™ Duty Rig


PatrolTek™ duty belts and accessories are made using the same tri-laminate construction technology of the Bianchi AccuMold® products.. Featuring a 600-denier ballistic nylon within the laminate, this line is lightweight and weather-proof and perfect for those looking for quality duty gear with exceptional pricing.

WEIGHT: 1.45 lbs (for shown)
MSRP: $129.50 (for shown)
ACCESSORIES: 29 Available. View all →
FINISHES: Nylon (shown)