Profession // Military

This isn’t your job
It’s your purpose

Operation shift

From the front lines to the middle of the fight you stand to protect our nation at all costs. Your soul encompasses a strict code of ethics that is guided by the values and principles which make our country free. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year you defend, liberate, serve and protect. You are the guardians, you are the warriors, and this is your purpose.

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Driven by innovation, focused on performance, committed to quality, motivated to empower and protect. You’re the first line of defense, and we’re yours. From ballistic protection to tactical holsters and gear, we have your back.

Our goal is simple. Empower, equip and protect our military operatives who stand up for us with the most innovative products on the planet because Together, We Save Lives®.

Safariland® PROTECH® Tactical Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic Helmets

A Higher Ballistics Standard.

The relentless pursuit to perfect and advance ballistic helmets has brought us here. The PROTECH® Delta models were designed for those who refuse to accept second best.

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Safariland® Body Armor

Body Armor

Stealth. Adjustability.
Added protection.

Purpose built for the front line, PROTECH®’s collection of ballistic carriers offer military operators the tactical advantage with engineered state of the art materials and fabrics.

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Safariland® Tactical Military Holster

Tactical Holsters

Ultimate durability and retention.

The evolution in Safariland® holsters brings us to the 7TS™ Series, the result of countless hours of R&D, testing in the field, and most importantly—listening to what military professionals really need.

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Safariland® PROTECH® Tactical Helmet with Liberator™ Headset


Shoot. Move. Communicate.

The modern battlefield is an ever-changing environment. Poor comms can be the difference between operational success and failure. Our communications systems are built from the ground up to ensure that all personnel have the most reliable, durable, and advanced tactical communication headsets in the world.

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