Safariland®/TCI™ Communications Test and Evaluation Program

TCI offers the most comprehensive Test & Evaluation Program in the market. Boasting a wide array of demonstration inventory, all manufactured with pride in the USA, this program allows your agency to receive demonstration products typically within a few days upon submitting a completed T&E request.

This T&E Program is a 30-day, no obligation trial for qualified government and law enforcement personnel. To participate, simply download the T&E Request Form, review the terms and conditions, complete and fax or email it to the contact on the form.

If you are representing a commercial entity, please contact the T&E Program Manager to discuss the purpose of your request.

Upon receipt of the T&E Request Form, a representative will be in contact by telephone or email to verify receipt of the request and confirm demonstration product details and features. We look forward to receiving your Test & Evaluation request and are on standby to support you throughout, and long after the evaluation is completed.