Guard Booths
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PROTECH® Armor Systems

Guard Booths

PROTECH® BRE® Units (Bullet-Blast Resistant Guard Booths) provide unmatched ballistic performance for all types of security applications. Fully prefabricated, each BRE is produced to meet specific levels of bullet resistance and (optional) blast resistance, offering enhanced levels of occupant survivability.


While PROTECH® is most recognized for producing customized solutions, standard off-the-shelf configurations are also available


  • 9MM TO .50 M2AP ballistic protection (options include NIJ, UL, STANAG, DIN, and others)
  • Fully engineered blast resistance (optional)
  • Manufactured utilizing pre-certified armor plate and ballistic glass
  • Welded in accordance with AWS D1.1
  • HVAC systems for geographical location/climate
  • Tube steel frame construction
  • High performance interior and exterior coating systems
  • Extreme durability interiors
  • Prewired electrical

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