Memory Foam Ear Seals
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Memory Foam Ear Seals

Safariland’s proprietary Memory Foam Ear Seals are a considerable upgrade to the standard foam ear seals found on most hearing protection. Designed with highly durable, hypoallergic materials, the Safariland Memory Foam Ear Seals will remain comfortable and reliable for an extended period of time. The memory foam cushion allows the ear seal to form more effectively around eyewear and provide a softer contact point while wearing Liberator HP, Liberator IV, and Liberator V headsets. Extensive testing shows Safariland Memory Foam Ear Seals outperform other ear seal options, providing better noise reduction rating (NRR) for a more comfortable auditory experience. High-quality ear seals are a critical component when protecting your hearing.

Always inspect your ear seals before use. Examine your ear seals for cuts, abrasions, gel/foam leaks, or other damage while checking for potential hygiene concerns. Changing your ear seals every 3-6 months, before any deployment or ahead of a major operation, is recommended. 


  • For use with Liberator HP, Liberator IV, and Liberator V
  • Complete hygiene kit, including the inner foam layer and the ear seals.
  • Enhanced Comfort 
  • Increased Noise Reduction Rating
  • Extremely Durable and Long-life Reliability

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