Portal Ladder™
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Portal Ladder™

This dynamic piece of equipment provides a transportable and modular tool for tactical teams worldwide. With its patented foldable design, the Portal Ladder is one of the most versatile climbing tools on the market.

Variety of Height Options: Features a 12” rung width and is available in 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14’ options


  • Excellent Performance in any Climate: Flame retardant, non-chemical-resistant and is not affected by extreme temperatures making it ideal for use in any environment.
  • Compact: In the folded position, the Portal Ladder is approximately 1 foot wide by 2 feet tall for easy storage in a small compartment or vehicle trunk.
  • Portable: Can be carried using either a hand carry strap for easy movement through confined spaces, or by using an optional backpack harness leaving arms and hands free for other tasks.
  • Lightweight: Light and easy to carry.
  • Stealth: The sleek non-reflective black design and muted labeling offers low visibility, making the Portal Ladder ideal for nighttime usage.
  • Strong: Manufactured using a carbon fiber reinforced polymer material; the Portal Ladder has been tested to the ANSI 14.5-2007 Class 1AA strength and weight standards for a working load of 350 pounds and includes non-skid molded rubber feet. *Please see owner’s manual for specifics.
  • Quick Retrieval & Rapid Deployment: Can be deployed from a hand carry or backpack carry in less than 30 seconds. The components easily lock into place providing a secure platform no matter the mission.
  • Adaptable & Versatile: Using the optional swivel hooks accessory, the Portal Ladder can suspend vertically from higher openings or to a roof edge for a variety of applications.

Variety of Height Options: Features a 12” rung width and is available in 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14’ options.

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