TACT-MIC Military Remote Speaker Microphone MBITR & THALES
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$481.00 — $848.00
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TACT-MIC Military Remote Speaker Microphone MBITR & THALES

TCI TACT-MIC Urban MBITR, Maritime MBITR, PRC-152, PRC-150 and PRC-117 Remote Speaker Microphones. The Urban version is compatible with Thales PRC-148(v)2 and (v)4 or Thales Maritime MBITR with Thales 3600190-1 FILL Adapter. The TACT-MIC with the maritime 10-pin connector is compatible with Thales PRC-148(v)1 and (v)3. Shielded and filtered electronics support AM and FM as well as all function modes of your radio. TCI TACT-MIC Remote Speaker Microphones are made as well as Thales RSM's, but are half the cost.


Radio bias power required so this product will not work in RT-1523D, ASIP or PCS-5D radios.


Features include:

  • Loud and clear speaker.
  • Options for different radio models.
  • Hi/Low Volume Control.
  • RF Shielded and filtered.
  • Built-in 2.5 MM Earpiece Connection.
  • Compares with Thales Communications Inc. 1600469-4 Speaker Microphone.
  • Made by TCI in the USA.


NOTE: This microphone is only compatible with radios capable of providing microphone bias power, such as PRC-148, PRC-152, PRC-150, and PRC-117. It is not designed for use with radios that do not provide bias power. View this item on GSA Advantage Download Product Information Also referred to as a Fist Mic or Trucker Mic