Tactical Speaker Microphone (TSM)
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Tactical Speaker Microphone (TSM)

The Safariland TSM is a military-grade speaker microphone designed explicitly with dual functionality. Able to withstand the tortures related to tactical operations while providing easy-to-use all-day reliability for patrol duties. The TSM provides clear transmit and receive audio via the state-of-the-art speaker microphone while simultaneously providing the ability to plug in a tactical headset, thus converting the TSM into a tactical push to talk. Once a headset is connected to the TSM, the external microphones and speaker will be deactivated, allowing a stealthier approach than other speaker microphones. This feature eliminates any interference or feedback as operators stack up or move within proximity of one another. Comprised of some of the most durable materials available, the TSM is engineered to withstand heavy abuse in the worst environments. After an operation, disconnect the headset, and the TSM will begin producing audio once again, allowing clear transmissions without the need to continue wearing the helmet or the headset. The TSM is the most versatile speaker microphone ever developed.


  • NATO TJ-101 Connector to integrate with MOST tactical headsets.
  • Multipurpose.   Can be used for patrol or tactical applications.
  • IP-67 Water durability
  • Ergonomically designed to be used with or without gloves
  • 2” tactile PTT button for quick locating and transmitting
  • Use as a stand-alone speaker microphone or integrate with a Liberator II/IV to become the systems PTT.
  • 3.5mm listen-only connector (monaural), compatible with any 3.5mm earbud
  • Manufactured for most Law Enforcement and Military radios.
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • Designed and manufactured in USA

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