Tactical Throat Microphone Headset Only
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$497.00 — $569.00
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Tactical Throat Microphone Headset Only

Originally designed by TCI for a Special Forces project, the TTMK-III is a tactical throat microphone headset that incorporates some of the finest tactical communication components available! TTMK-III's MIL-STD durability, superior audio performance and excellent design makes the TTMK-III an excellent choice for tactical law enforcement and military teams. It should be noted that the TTMK-III was designed primarily for entry team, gas mask, APR or respirator applications as opposed to Sniper or Counter-Sniper applications.


We have integrated the best throat microphone for excellent transmission clarity and our Soundwaves/FC R4 Ear-Coil to provide exceptional audio response. The TCI TTMK III is widely used worldwide by tactical teams, military units, firefighters, E.O.D. teams, hazardous materials teams and special forces groups.

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