Tactical Throat Microphone System Gen 3
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$535.00 — $836.00
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Tactical Throat Microphone System Gen 3

The TTMK III is a tactical throat microphone headset and PTT built for operators conducting tactical missions or frequently deploying gas masks and respirators. In high-noise environments, the TTMK III is both lightweight and low-profile, ideal for those who want superior audio performance without a bulky headset.


The TTMK III integrates the best throat microphone for excellent transmission clarity, and the TCI Soundwaves/FC R4 Ear-Coil to provide exceptional audio response. Durable, reliable, and low-profile, the TCI TTMK III is used worldwide by tactical teams, military units, firefighters, EOD teams, hazardous materials teams and Special Forces groups.


TTMK III headsets are low-profile, reliable, and also compatible with a wide array of protective masks and ballistic helmets.


Dual-radio versions are also available. Custom configurations on request; contact Customer Service


TTMK III Kits Include:


State-of-the-art throat microphone with adjustable elastic strap and safety release feature

High-performance Soundwaves/FC R4 Earcoil (Black)

TACT-LITE Earmold set (M, L and XL) or Sound-Attenuation Ear-insert

Popular TCI Tactical Push-To-Talk (PTT) made for your specified radio model


  • Delivers exceptional performance when gas masks, respirators and/or with NBC/WMD/HAZMAT ensembles
  • Dual Communications; upgradeable with AMC connector for use with TCI “U” series advanced PTT and accessories
  • Low-profile, usable with a wide array of protective face shields and ballistic helmets
  • Ideal for high-noise environments, with exceptional rejection of background noise
  • Over 250 different radio interfaces, including all popular military and public safety radio models, are supported
  • System storage bag included