Viewport Lens 3-Layer Tear Away Kit
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Viewport Lens 3-Layer Tear Away Kit

Laminated tear off protective lens for both X-Series and Assault VP shields. Features three stacked layers of Polyester film for vision and surface protection.

Multi-layer disposable lens allows the user to easily remove a layer so that vision can be reestablished with a new lens surface.


  • Multi-Layer removable lamination eliminates the need to wipe the shield lens to reestablish clear vision.
  • Mounts on the outer shield lens.
  • Requires no mounting pins or post.
  • The tab area allows for an easy layer separation and removal.
  • Custom cut to fit.
  • Each kit comes with 1- 3-layer Tear Away, 1- Spray bottle, 1- Squeegee, Printed instructions.